Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear Conservatives:

Sandbagging is not equivalent to actually opening the books for parliamentary review.

Apparently, Canada's current government doesn't understand that Parliament is the highest authority in the country - and its denizens have every right to have access to documents regarding the situation in Afghanistan. All that Harper is doing by appointing former judge Iacobucci is stalling. Put it on the table - all of it - where Canada's elected MPs can inspect it.

There's nothing wrong with insisting that the MPs treat the documents as confidential - but there's a whole lot wrong with delaying the process indefinitely by slapping a "retired judicial review" in the middle. The issue here is whether Canada's policy and actions in Afghanistan have made the country complicit in the commission of war crimes. If that is the case, then Canadians deserve to know the story.

The Conservative party's actions reek of cover-up - and a far more egregious cover-up than Brian Mulroney's undeclared envelopes of money from Schrieber.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention an obscene waste of money! But Harpie is really good at using taxpayers' dollars to push his agenda and hide his many failings.