Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Cognitive Dissonance Must Be Crippling

PFOX must be collapsing under the cognitive dissonance of their positions.

On one hand, they want us all to think that being GLBT is "just a choice", and that those who are GLBT can "choose" not to be just as easily. In fact, they go to great lengths on their blog posting every gay sexuality denial piece they can find on their blog.

Then they post something whining about discrimination against ex-gays. The first thought that crosses my mind is 'what discrimination?'. Theoretically, if one was an 'ex-gay' (or ex-lesbian, I suppose), wouldn't you then be straight? ... and as such, not subject to a lot of the censure that society imposes on GLBT people?

So, just what is this 'discrimination'? Well, a little more digging turns up that PFOX is all upset that GLBT organizations won't have anything to do with them. Ah - I see - so the fact that the very people that PFOX wants to undermine and invalidate won't play nice with PFOX's agenda is somehow 'discriminating' against ex-gays.

But, if you are yourself an ex-gay, why would you want anything to do with the GLBT world in the first place? Weren't you trying to escape that "lifestyle"? Wouldn't you want to align your efforts with the straight population? As a supposedly straight person, don't you already enjoy all of the privileges that are denied to GLBT people in so much of the world?

Or, perhaps more likely, the whole ex-gay thing is nothing more than a front for anti-gay lobbying that is trying to co-opt the GLBT position so as to seem more legitimate.

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