Thursday, March 18, 2010

Canada's Conservative Government: Misogyny and Ignorance in One Package

After listening to yesterday's Question Period, I am astonished and appalled by the responses of our government regarding their "Maternal Health" development program for the G8.

Says the odious Bev Oda:

“This initiative is about saving the lives of mothers and children,” she said. “Far too many lives are being sacrificed when we can do something about it. This is the time we should act.”

Yes, Canada, this is exactly what the Forced-Pregnancy crowd wants. Take away options which allow women to control their fertility - after all if they don't want to be pregnant, they shouldn't be engaging in sex, right?

Then there's the more realistic side of the world, pointed out by MP Carolyn Bennett:

“Unbelievably, the minister suggested that birth control has nothing to do with saving lives,” Dr. Bennett said, noting that United Nations says a “lack of adequate contraceptive services is responsible for 1.5 million deaths in developing countries every year.”

What?! How can it be that our government is not only ignoring the research?

Oh - wait - these are the heirs of the Bush II years in the US - facts and evidence don't matter, just their dogma.

[Update 18/3/10]
So, having sounded the dog whistle loud and clear to the base, we now see Harper beating a retreat ... of a sort:

"We are not closing doors against any options, including contraception," Harper said in French in the Commons. "But we do not want a debate here or elsewhere on abortion."

But why is contraception - and safe abortion - even a question? For decades, these have been part of Canada's foreign aid policies - nicely aligning us with the UK, and much of the EU.

The fact that Harper & Co. are "questioning" this, and "considering it as an option" tells us a great deal about what they would do given the opportunity.

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