Monday, December 28, 2009

Saying It Doesn't Make It So...

Sure enough, one of the organizations that claims to be affiliated with al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the nutcase who tried to blow himself up on a plane.

Anyone familiar with terrorist organizations will recognize that the claim of responsibility often has little to do with actual involvement. This was a common tactic in Northern Ireland, and I have no doubt that the same thing is going on here. Unless they have video of this idiot "training" with them, or there is other evidence linking him to another organization, I am inclined to assume that the incompetent boob is another Richard Reid.

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Anonymous said...

The main object of terrorism is to keep your 'Name' foremost on the minds of your enemies. It's free publicity and it keeps the 'volunteers' (re: fools) coming and the money coming in as well.

Do you really think that the IRA kept the fight up to free Northern Ireland from English rule, or that HAMAS is truly interested in liberating Palestine? There too much money being made in blackmail, extortion, kidnapping/ransom, drugs and contraband smuggling to give up so easily. It would mean that these groups would have to actually go and get real jobs, pay taxes and follow the rules of civil society.

I have no problem with the media broadcasting stories like these, but they need to really do understand the difference between telling the news and selling a sensation.