Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've Said It For Years Now...

The ReformaTories aren't about democracy.

This makes the third time that Harper has prorogued Canada's Parliament for political reasons since 2006, not to mention a snap election in fall of 2008 - just to avoid an economic meltdown.

Harper likes to whine and moan about how the opposition won't let things get through the process in the house, and then he turns around and prorogues parliament (killing every bill that is in the house), and forcing Parliament to waste more taxpayer time and money re-engaging the same damned process over bills that he's going to have to re-introduce as first reading bills.

I won't say that I'm impressed with Canada's Governor General right now - she granted Harper a prorogation last year before Christmas so he could avoid a confidence motion, and now she's granting him one this year for what reasons? Because he can't stomach the idea that his legislation is getting amended in committee? Mme Jean should have told Harper to man up and go back and do his job. This is an unnecessary, uncalled for prorogation.

Parliament will be prorogued for two months until after the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Prime Minister's Office announced Wednesday.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's spokesman Dimitri Soudas said a speech from the throne will be delivered on March 3, followed by presentation of the budget the next day. The session had been scheduled to resume on Jan. 25 after the holiday break.

Soudas said the prime minister spoke with Gov. Gen Michaƫlle Jean over the phone earlier Wednesday.

The move to prorogue, or suspend, Parliament is widely seen as a strategic move by Harper to gain a majority on Senate committees while possibly also avoiding criticism over the Afghan detainee issue.

Give Harper a majority, and I think you'll see a side of the man that is only fit to bay at the moon.

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