Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hmmm...So It's A Good Thing To Lie?

Apparently, Tony Blair thinks so. After all a pack of lies is what he used to justify participating in Bush II's invasion of Iraq.

In light of recent revelations of our own government's handling of the situation in Afghanistan, I'm beginning to think that there's a sense of entitlement among the neoCons in general - one that justifies lying to the public as long as it fills their needs.


Anonymous said...

Blair of course is not a neo-con---at least he claims not to be as leader of the British Labour Party. Lying seems to be an endemic trait among politicians of any stripe. Still it would be nice if politicians would shock us all and speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

The invasion was justified and Bush and Blair are heroes who will be revered throughout history.

Oh and if you didn't notice, Blair isn't a neocon - he's a left wing Labour member. People from all cross sections of politics support the liberation of Iraq.

MgS said...

Anonymous @3:13:

Strictly speaking Blair wasn't a neoCon - at least in terms of party line, but he was quick enough to follow at Bush's heels to pass for being a particularly sycophantic one.

A war that is justified to the public with a pack of lies is not justified at all. Worse, Blair essentially has admitted that he would have cooked up a different set of lies. That makes Bush II and Blair liars, not heroes. (as an aside, not one of the supposed threats that Saddam Hussein allegedly posed has been substantiated except for the obvious statement that he wasn't a very nice leader)

Lastly, Iraq has not been liberated - it is a country under military occupation. Make no mistake - it is no more liberated than it was under Hussein. The only difference is whose opinions are to be suppressed.