Thursday, July 30, 2009

Typical Harper

I'll give him this - he's nothing if not predictable.

Election would harm the economy

“We do not need another round of political instability, another round of elections. We need Parliament to focus on the economy. That's what the government is doing and obviously that is what I would encourage the other parties to do as well.”

Uh huh. Let's talk about instability, shall we? The last time things got a little too hot in Parliament for PMSH, it was last November when he hid behind the Governor General's skirts to avoid a confidence vote he thought he would lose; or perhaps, we should look at the the election he called in September of 2008 - fully two full years before his own "fixed election dates" law would have obliged Elections Canada to hold a ballot.

Now, we see the Con$ repeating their same old pattern - running about announcing half-baked and unrealistic spending plans, and lying to the public about promises they have yet to enact, and pandering to their extremist base - all in the name of satisfying PMSH's overweaning desire to hang onto political power.

Contrary to Mr. Harper's prognostication, an election won't undermine the economy. It doesn't work that way - it never has. He's just scared of being accountable for his own actions.

Mr. Harper's own hyper-partisan style of politics is half of the reason that he's stuck in the polls. He doesn't get it - and he never will. Canadians expect something better than he's been providing from our political leaders. Harper is so focused on sniping at his opponents and setting things up so he can snipe some more that he has no idea how to govern a nation. What we've seen the last three and half years is a government that stumbles from crisis to crisis, bumbles about on the world stage like a scrawny adolescent at a body builder contest.

To borrow from the Conservatives own campaign slogan a few years ago:

Canada Deserves Better

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Toronto realtor said...

A very accurate commentary. Canada indeed does deserve better. Oh yeah, let's focus on economy. Funny thing is that Harper himself said that "no taxes are good taxes". How can anyone who is trying to make himself look like a specialist in economy say something like that? That sentence is nice but it's just not realistic at all. Regards, Elli.