Friday, July 03, 2009

Harper, Military Salutes and other Corruption

As if I needed another reason to think of Stephen Harper as a complete ass.

Dave over at TGB points out the arrogance and disrespect that our Prime Minister has shown for Canada, Canadians, and our system of government on Canada Day.

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Anonymous said...

More Lies by the Master Liar.

Harper is at it again, by inference he is saying that he is the C & C of the troops, and that he is the Head of Canada.

Thanks to decades of changes to the educational system most Canadians don't have a clue about how their government is both structured and how it functions.

Harpers latest stunt is very similar to what he did last winter when he declared that the opposition coalition was not constitutional, in that case he outright lied to Canadians. As he did then, he has done the same thing again, he has lied to Canadians about what his role is, and what his powers are.

The Harper government is lying to Canadians, obscuring the truth, hiding behind closed doors, and in general acting like a totalitarian regime.

These @sshole, regresive conservatives have got to go!!

Canadians wake up and see what is happening to your democratic nation, it is being subverted underneath your very noses and you can't see it.