Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stephen Harper - Lying To Canadians

PMSH is busy exhorting Canadians to take advantage of a home renovation tax credit that hasn't been put before the House of Commons yet.

"There has never been a better time to renovate your home," Harper said.

The Finance Department intends to introduce the HRTC as a bill later this year.

Wait a second ... Harper wants us to spend, spend, spend ... on the assumption of a tax credit that doesn't exist yet? One that the government hasn't bothered to put before Parliament?

Once again, we find our Prime Minister lying to Canadians, for nothing more than "gaining political points" ... and he doesn't give a damn how many Canadians he screws over doing it.

No doubt, he's looking for a way to dissolve parliament again this fall - no doubt by trying to concoct some odious piece of omnibus legislation that will contain the HRTC legislation along with something that Harper knows that the opposition can't let past.


Anonymous said...

Nah!!!---that's not lying, that is a terminological inexactitude.


lsm insurance blog said...

As of now, it certainly does seems like Harper is trying hard to dissolve the parliament as soon as possible. Also, by saying that the crisis is over, that everybody should be spending and that he wants to invest in IT, he might be just attempting to appeal to the public, so he will get votes in the next elections. Curious to see his next steps. Regards, Lorne.