Monday, July 27, 2009

There Are Some Things Lipstick Won't Improve

In this case, it's the Conservative's latest attempt to paint themselves as "moderate" and "diverse".

Apparently, they have formed a Native Caucus.

The new Tory aboriginal caucus will be chaired by Winnipeg South MP Rod Bruinooge and also includes Health Minister and Nunavut MP Leona Aglukkaq, Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River MP Rob Clarke, Saint Boniface MP Shelley Glover, Quebec Senator Patrick Brazeau and B.C. Senator Gerry St. Germain.

Hmmm...Bruinooge ... I've heard that name before... but where? Oh right - he's the chair of the "Pro Life Caucus" - that secretive bunch that wants to revoke a woman's autonomy - and won't (except for Rod Bruinooge) admit to their membership. But wait, there's more. Remember a "massive poll" the Wingnuts were trumpeting about last year? Yeah, so do I. Not only was the poll itself obviously bogus, but the company that did the poll was run by Bruinooge's brother.

So ... now the HarperCon$, who have consistently lied to Canadians about their policy and objectives, and what they really represent want us to believe that they are a nice, inclusive little club. Isn't that nice?

For the natives in Canada, I'd review the fate of the Kelowna Accord in the hands of the Conservatives; not to mention the complete lack of meaningful action on the part of the sitting government to move beyond the archaic terms of the Indian Act at all.

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