Thursday, September 22, 2005

What is it about Conservatives?

I honestly don't understand what passes for "conservative" these days. They seem to have degenerated into a bunch of petty, whining people whose sole understanding of the world seems to be mean spirited and driven by an overdose of testosterone and social Darwinism.

What leads me to this conclusion? A rant I found on a "pseudo-conservative" aggregate blog this morning. A couple of things in this rant caught my attention - partly because they irritated me, partly because they were stunning in their absolute lack of comprehension of Canada.

Today Pettigrew berates, BERATES!, the UN for not taking a tougher stand on nuclear non-proliferation in its recent leaders summit declaration. Oh yeah, and aside from not fretting about radical islam or crazy commie induced nuclear winter, the UN forgot to get tougher on women’s rights and gender equality.

God willing Canada needs to fight a war or something, anything that requires real sacrifice again! It’s a country infested with losers, the high moralising intellectual type, those who would do well if shipped off to a front-line and shot at! At least that way they might, by chance, get a glorious death.

Just because chief chimpanzee south of us thinks he's got a "war on terror" going, human rights, social justice etc. don't matter in Canada or the world? We "need" to fight a war? WTF? Being concerned about your fellow human being makes you a "loser" - fit only to be cannon fodder? If any of this is "logically true", then the terrorists have already won.

With nuts like this running around, it's not hard to see why much of Canada won't vote for the Conservative party. Their most vocal supporters are loons.

Paul Wells, of Maclean's, has a very good column about the difference between Brian Mulroney and Stockwell Day ... er - Stephen Harper. He points out that while Mulroney had some kind of longer term vision, Harper continues to sound like he's got no vision, and is mostly just whining. The closed mouths of the Conservative party "brass" {tarnished and corroding it may be) is leaving the doorway wide open for nutty logic like what I've quoted above to be heard as the voice of the party.

I'll grant the Conservatives this - there's no hidden agenda at all. The inmates are clearly still running the asylum.

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