Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dear God - They're Already Making Excuses

... in advance of the next election.

Apparently Senator Marjory LeBreton wants a nice long lockout at the CBC because she doesn't want the CBC to cover the next election.

Newsflash for Ms. LeBreton - the reason the Conservatives lost the last election had diddly squat to do with CBC coverage.

The Conservatives were outmaneuvered by the Liberals, who managed to successfully sow doubt in voters' minds about the Conservatives. The Conservative campaign then missed - repeatedly opportunities to clarify things for voters.

Of course, it didn't help that certain prospective MPs opened their traps and mused out loud about topics such as abortion and private health care. (Or, King Ralph trying to start a pissing match over health care mid-election, for that matter)

I dare say that the constant "cuddle up with the US" stance of the more vocal Conservatives didn't help matters either. George Bush is hardly a leader that I'd want Canada to get cozy with - and I dare say most Canadians feel similarly uncomfortable.

The other thing that cost the Conservatives dearly last election was a complete lack of vision. I'm not going to vote _for_ the Conservatives because the Liberals are corrupt.

I watch quite a range of media outlets, and if you can accuse the CBC of a bias - it's primarily a "central Canada" bias. That is to say, if it isn't important in T.O., then it probably doesn't register. If there is shouting bias in media, it is from outlets like the Asper-controlled papers such as the Calgary Herald, and pseudo-newspapers like the Calgary Sun. Biased towards the Liberals or NDP? Not really - of all the nations media outlets, the CBC works very hard to try and be neutral in their wording and coverage of politics. They are second - in my view - only to the Globe and Mail.

Ms. LeBreton's comments speak to a Conservative Party that has tried and failed so many times to win elections that it is looking for scapegoats to explain its losses - quite pathetic really.


Anonymous said...

They have to blame everyone but themselves for their poor showing at the polls, after all it couldn't be that Canadians just don't like their policies now could it...


Anonymous said...

Not that I would want to see people out of a job for that long, but think about what the Good Senator would say, after the next election, when the Conservatives loose AND the CBC still has its employees on lockout.