Thursday, September 01, 2005

Talk About Clueless

In the wake of the dispute over softwood lumber returning to the forefront of US-Canada politics, it appears that the Conservatives would like us all to start calling the White House to express our displeasure with President Bush.

After the new US Ambassador to Canada opened his flap about softwood lumber and accused Canada of "emotional tirades" for complaining about the fact that the US seems less than interested in actually playing by the very rules they signed up to in the first place. (and are oh-so-interested in imposing on the rest of the world...)

Is the Conservative Party really so clueless as to believe that Bush gives a damn about Canada, or the treaties that he has signed with us? This is the president who has unilaterally walked away from more international agreements than any other president in US history. Calling George Bush directly is going to achieve nothing - less than Cindy Sheehan has achieved. Trust me.

It's not a matter of negotiating with the Americans any more. It's time that Canada grew a spine and started trading with the rest of the world. We should send Washington a shredded copy of NAFTA, and turn our backs for a while. Canada's interests are not served in any meaningful way by pandering to the US Government.

Of course, much of the CPC is so "pro-American" that they forget that they are Canadians regularly.


Anonymous said...

I would love it if PM the PM were to go to the press and say "Need I remind you, Mr. Wilkins, that your title is Ambassador, not Viceroy - your patronizing attitude is a characteristic neither needed or wanted in a diplomat".

Of course, I would have liked it if he's said it to Paul Cellucci (the former US Ambassador) too, who arguably needed it more.

It would achieve nothing (in our relationship with the US) of course, but I would feel better. Might win the grits a few votes though.

On the other hand, the efficacy of calling BushCo about this topic is easy to determine: Are you an American voter? Nope. Then I guess they're not going to listen to you.


Grog said...

I love the concept. Sadly from what I've seen so far, it appears that Mr. Wilkins is going to simply be a mouthpiece for the objectionable crap coming out of Washington these days.