Friday, September 09, 2005

Of Polls, Purges and Conservatives

Apparently the Conservative Party of Canada has developed the organizational equivalent of Bulemia. In the last few days, senior layers of the party have been (and are being) purged. I can only imagine that after the astonishing results of the "Stephen Harper BBQ Tour" this summer that there is some internal party bickering over the results. (or lack of them)

More laughable is this quote from Mr. Harper:

But the Conservative Leader played down the dissent and his party's poor showing in popularity polls done for media outlets.

"The polls will always reflect the views of the papers that sponsor them," he said during a stop at a Nova Scotia fishing village where he announced his plan to help the country's fishing families.

"If the Liberal Party thinks they've got great polls, call an election. We've got the money, we've got the candidates, so ask them what the problem is."

Wasn't this the same man who last spring was so angry that the Liberals HAD TO COME DOWN NOW! that he tried to shut down parliament after losing a couple of confidence votes? Seems to me at the time, he was all happy about what the polls were showing. Now, of course, they aren't in his favour, so he tries to dismiss them as "biased". Sure, Stephen - whatever you say.

The last statement basically challenges the Liberals to drop the writ now. Hasn't Martin been absolutely clear that an election will be called after the Gomery report is released? Besides, last time a conservative leader made a challenge like that it was Stockwell Day daring then-Prime Minister Chretien to call an early election. As I recall, the Liberals won an even bigger majority that time...

Parliament reconvenes next week - I anticipate more "angry white guy" exhibitions from Mr. Harper and crew - and a remarkably unproductive session overall as the parties jockey for position for a much anticipated - and irritating - election early in 2006.


Anonymous said...

"The polls will always reflect the views of the papers that sponsor them"

Does that include the Western Standard's recent poll showing the growth of separatism in Alberta? Or do they only discount the polls that they disagree with.

As for an election, be careful what you wish for Stephen - you just might get it good and hard.


Grog said...

Actually, I think the Western Standard poll _does_ reflect Harper's assertion.

Ezra LeRant set out to find something specific, and lo, he concluded he had found it. (sort of like fool's gold...)