Friday, August 21, 2009

The Term is "Personal Responsibility"

I seriously hope that the judge who hears this case throws it out:

Boy who lost foot sues railroad, city, and community association

It says Jashua Piche lost his right foot after he and his brother entered a CNR yard through a broken fence.

“Jashua Piche attempted to climb onto a moving train ... (when he) slipped and fell underneath the train, which subsequently rolled over him,” it states.

The mishap caused “Andruw Piche to suffer emotional trauma as a result of seeing and having to rescue (his brother).”

It alleges the defendants, along with an unnamed company and individuals, were negligent in not repairing the hole in the fencing.

So ... the kids went through a fence (previously damaged or not), tried to climb on a moving train, and one of them got hurt.

There was a fence present, and it's not like it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that a rail yard filled with tonnes of rolling metal is a dangerous place to play. Trying to climb onto a moving train is a borderline suicidal move at the best of times.

I'd say that the first question is why hadn't the parents done an adequate job teaching their kids to stay out of areas that are fenced in - regardless of the state of the fence?

The second question is just what kind of stupidity does it take to play around in a rail yard that is being actively used?

This whole unfortunate mess is an object lesson for the kids, not an excuse to try and get rich by suing everyone in sight.

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