Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can They Sink Any Lower

I know that blaming the victim is a pretty standard right wingnut attack ... and what do we see Conservative MPs doing to Suaad Hagi Mohamud?

Conservative MP Brian Jean went on the offensive, trying to force Ms. Mohamud to immediately waive her privacy rights and allow the full release of the government investigation into her case.

“We've heard that she wants to be forthright and honest, but she is asking for $2.5-million in taxpayers' money, and we have not heard whether or not she would release the findings to the committee,” Mr. Jean said.

What a bunch of complete scum. The government wants a private citizen to permit full disclosure of her personal information in order to make public the investigation report into why and how the government facilitated her detainment in Kenya? Holy crap - I didn't think it was human possible to sink any lower than the Harper government has...Mr. Jean just picked up the barrel and showed us what's writhing underneath it.

Ms. Mohamud's lawyer, Julian Falconer, was outraged by the question, stating that his client has nothing to hide. He added that the government, on the other hand, has not provided Ms. Mohamud with all of its information on her case.

“What a sad story that months later, having failed to do their jobs, [government officials] would somehow try to put the onus on her,” Mr. Falconer told reporters. “To ask her to somehow agree to waive rights over things she hasn't seen is absurd.”

Truly, Harper's legacy might just be that he finally made Brian Mulroney look good.

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