Sunday, August 30, 2009

If That's Your Criteria, You've Already Failed Stephen

‘God's verdict' outranks history's, PM says

“Honestly, I'm not into politics to play to the microphones and the cameras,” he said. “I'm there to ensure that the government acts responsibly, protects the population and meets its needs. I can take the criticism – it comes with the job – but my main preoccupation is not my personal image, but rather the country's higher interests.”

So, tell me ... how is strandig Canadians abroad in Canada's higher interests? Or perhaps, you'd like to explain to me how dragging Canada's political discourse lower than it has ever been is in our "higher interests"? Or how a bunch of partisan patronage is in Canada's higher interests?

Harper is several kinds of hypocrite - if he is awaiting "God's judgment" on his record, I can't imagine any Christian god is going to look too kindly on much of his record in government.

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Anonymous said...

"...'God's verdict' outranks history..." This statement by Harper is actually a huge warning, unintentional as it may have been, that Harper doesn't care how his actions are viewed by the common person. It is a signal that some even more extreme right wing ideological plays are coming, and that Harper is going to see them passed, and piss on the Canadian people that it will negatively impact.

Remember Harper's words from 2006, "...You Won't Recognize Canada When I Get Through With It..."

Toss this bastard out on the next vote!!!