Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loose Cannon About To Embarrass Canada ... Again

I see that Harper has sent sent Lawrence Cannon to China to lecture them on human rights issues.

Harper has done more damage to Canada-China relationships since 2006 than any of us could suspect. Sending Cannon over there is, in many respects, going to be seen by Beijing as another snub.

Given Canada's appalling treatment of its citizens held abroad in dubious circumstances, its not like the Harper government is in any position to lecture anybody on human rights - and Beijing knows this. They also know that they are in control at this point in time.

I'm putting better than even odds that Cannon will continue Harper's blowhard patterns and he will make already chilly relations with China positively Arctic. (Why do you think Canadian students were quarantined last week? This is typical of how China expresses its displeasure, and I expect that the Harper approach to things will continue to make a bad situation worse.

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