Monday, May 04, 2009

Ezra's Facts - Shaken Out

So, someone decided to do a little fact checking on Ezra's historical analysis of the relationship between the CJC and the Canadian Nazi party in the 1960s.

It seems Ezra's analysis is a little bit lacking:

Indeed, facts appear to be secondary to Mr. Levant as he hunts and pecks his way through the historical record, extracting only those quotations which support his theories.

Finally, as Levant connects imaginary dots between John Garrity and CSIS mole Grant Bristow, it is significant to observe the dots that are not connected: Garrity's work destroyed the Canadian Nazi Party just as Bristow caused the implosion of the Heritage Front. They should be applauded for this work.

In the end, does Levant's contention that Canadian Jewish Congress "bank-rolled," "propped-up," "built up" or "organized" the Canadian Nazi Party of the 1960s have any merit? None whatsoever.

Somehow, this analysis comes as little or no surprise to me.


Diane Gall said...

You know, I used to feel sorry for the guy. I have mixed emotions about laws against hate speech---I guess I am simply disappointed that hate speech usually ends up resulting in hate crimes---but Levant is an annoying little man who is getting more and more paranoid as time goes on.

This latest entry in his litany of nonsense simply makes me cringe at what delusional rantings are to come.

evilscientist said...

I recall debates with Ezra during university. He had a propensity to, shall we say, be creative with "facts", in the heat of debate when it was difficult to check up on him.

Anonymous said...

"...He had a propensity to, shall we say, be creative with "facts",..."

In other words, he lies!! (like most other Neo Cons)