Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blackett, Quit Being A Snivelling Hypocrite

Sometimes, the jokes write themselves; other times, the joke is standing behind the microphone.

In the Calgary Herald today, Lindsay Blackett places himself firmly in the latter category with the following:

"Everybody's looking for the right-wing bogeyman that doesn't exist," Blackett tells me, "but everybody who's talking like that, they are the intolerant ones. It's them, not us."

Those "intolerant ones," in Blackett's book, include the opposition and the media, too.

"The opposition never offered a solution. All they had was opposition based on hysteria, with support from the media."

Waitasec...it wasn't so long ago that Blackett admitted that the proposed S.11 was pandering to the Religious Right in Alberta:

Lindsay Blackett admitted that the provincial caucus wrote the school provisions into the bill as an olive branch to religious groups and conservative voters who might be offended by the province's move to codify gay rights.

... and no, I don't think it's any coincidence at all that Alberta has steadfastly refused to amend the human rights code since the 1998 Vriend decision. Alberta's religious right wing can't have that kind of clout. We remember well the temper tantrums that Klein had over Same Gender Marriage - repeatedly insisting that he would invoke the "Notwithstanding clause" ... until his Attorney General pointed out the logical fallacy of doing so.

So...Lindsay, which is it? Is Alberta's government kowtowing to wingnut religiosity, or are you just incapable of remembering what lies you told us last week?


Diane Gall said...

Bear in mind, it might be both!

MgS said...

I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt