Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Convenient ...

A little more than a week after arbitrarily axing GRS from the AHCIP, we now hear the inevitable excuse of the Alberta conservative - It's Ottawa's Fault.

A sick Albertan is just as sick as a sick Quebecer or sick Ontarian, Premier Ed Stelmach said Thursday.

As the province continues to evaluate delisting health care services, Stelmach echoed his health minister's concern Alberta is being short-changed by the federal government to the tune of $700 million.

"We're going to work very hard to get the (money) from the federal government," he said Thursday following a public library announcement in downtown Edmonton. "We can't carry the country. All we're asking for is respect."

My, my. What a predictable tactic. Even when the government in Ottawa is dominated by Albertans, the default excuse for Alberta's politicians when their financial ineptitude is revealed is to start pointing fingers at Ottawa. It has happened time and again ever since Don Getty replaced Peter Lougheed.

"We're a government that's looking forward long-term," Stelmach said. "If we maintain the same cost increases annually in one department, then health expenses will far outstrip and be the dominant operational part of government."

He emphasized the province will work "collectively with Albertans" to find a balance.

Uh huh. Like you worked "collectively" with Alberta's transsexuals in deciding to axe medical treatment? This is a government which has its priorities completely awry, and is hiding their agenda.

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