Saturday, April 25, 2009

Demonstrating Liepert's Arrogance and Ignorance

Oh, this is a real gem. It seems that Stelmach has had to apologize on behalf of a cabinet minister who has once again overstepped his boundaries.

On Thursday, Health Minister Ron Liepert dismissed the concerns raised by NDP Leader Brian Mason. Like Liberal Leader David Swann and Lethbridge-East Liberal MLA Bridget Pastoor, Mason was physically stopped from entering Government House as Liepert announced details of a new seniors' drug program.

"I'll speak to cabinet on Tuesday just to get the message very clear," Stelmach said. "I'm sorry for that. I can only apologize now. I'm not putting the blame on anybody."

"Not putting the blame on anybody"? What kind of apology is this? Liepert has grossly overstepped his boundaries and his authority. The man thinks he is above everybody else, and he responsible to no one. He's so scared of actually having to answer questions that he orders security to keep the opposition MLAs out of his news conference? That's beyond disrespectful to the MLAs, it's a direct attack on the very notion of democracy. (such as it exists in Alberta these days)

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