Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Revolting, but...

If people want something to riot in the streets about, it should be this.

While a bunch of editorial cartoons may be tasteless, and even disrespectful of the Muslim faith, these pictures are far, far worse. If they are in fact authentic, then much more serious action needs to be taken to reign in the actions of the US Military leaders that are running detention facilities around the world.

Clearly, there's much more wrong than a few "bad apples" in the enlisted ranks. (Not that I bought that premise in the first place) The US complaining that those pictures "should not have been released" is at best farcical. What senior command in the Pentagon should be asking themselves is just who issued what orders (or lack of orders) that allowed those events to take place at all, much less be recorded by cameras.

I'm not one to advocate for violence in the streets, but I can certainly understand how these images would be considered gravely offensive by Iraqis in particular, and the citizens of the Middle East as a whole.

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