Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Vote Is Over ...

Last night, Bill C-38 passed through the House of Commons.

The vote was relatively close (158-133) - although the margin was actually quite a bit wider than I had anticipated. I was happy to see more than a 1 seat difference in the vote as we had with the first Budget bill.

The version that the committee process returned to the house substantially expanded the wording of intent in section 3 of the document to reinforce and clarify the role of Charter Section 2 freedoms with respect to the notion of Civil Marriage.

While I'm hardly fool enough to believe that the debate will go away overnight, I hope that we can have a few weeks of relative peace and quiet while Parliament is recessed for the summer. Summer is a short season in much of Canada, and I sense a degree of exhaustion both in the public and our politicians.

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Anonymous said...

Ya gotta admit the last two weeks in the house have been rather exciting!