Monday, June 27, 2005

Good Grief!

Can the Conservatives say anything without putting both feet in their mouths? This evening, we are treated to the brilliant Stephen Harper complaining that since the Bloc Quebecois is backing bill C-38, it will be "illegitimate".

What kind of idiotic logic is that? The fact that the BQ backs the separatist movement in Quebec doesn't somehow render their votes in the house "illegitimate". The voters of Quebec legally appointed the BQ members as their representatives in Ottawa. Since Mr. Harper saw fit to ally his Conservative party with the Bloc back in March - when he thought he could bring down the Liberal government on the budget bills, it seems just a tad hypocritical to complain when the Bloc allies itself with the Liberals.

I realize that politics is riddle with contradictions, and I don't have any expectation that Mr. Harper - or any other politician be slavishly consistent, Harper has got to learn when to hold his tongue. It seems that every time this man opens his mouth, he inserts both feet. I used to reserve the designation of party twit for Jason Kenney and Rob Anders - two of the most useless MPs on the face of the planet. Apparently Harper's taking his cues from their playbook.

Harper's comments that the bill will lack "legitimacy" in the eyes of most Canadians because separatist MPs are backing it has once again dashed any chance of Conservative gains in Quebec in a new election. Even anglophone Quebeckers will be offended by this belittling attitude. Not only has Harper sunk into the politics of regional rivalry, he will have confirmed in the minds of Canadians that his party has no interest in representing all of Canada. In alienating Quebec voters in such denigrating terms, Harper has painted the Conservative Party into a corner. The only way that they will ever form a government is with major gains in Ontario.

How he can argue that votes from Bloc MPs are worth less than those of other MPs in this case, while he would have been crowing over his victory had his own alliance with the Bloc in the spring actually succeeded in bringing down the government is beyond me. Surely he can't believe that Canadians are so dense as to miss the non-sequitur.


Anonymous said...

Why yes, Mr. Harper DOES have allergies. He is obviously allergic to anything resembling rational thought or... gasp! LOGIC. OOh! Scary word that, boys and girls.

MAS said...

What is it about the Reconstituted Conservative Party that they have leaders who should neither be politicians nor leaders of a political party?

Anonymous said...

And perhaps Harper is missing some of the social fabric of Canada. After all, we are a bit more liberal when it comes to babes out of wedlock and all.

Hold on - maybe he wanted to alienate the single mother vote at the same time as the French. He is rather skilled at combining groups in innovative ways to deliver a single insult. Much more time-effective that way!