Sunday, January 29, 2023

So ... The Social Woes Of Today Are The Fault of Whom?!

The political right wing's inability to understand things beyond simplistic bromides has always surprised me.  I get that it makes for easy sound bite politicking, but seriously, the conclusions drawn are often laughable in their implausibility.

Then we come to today's entry in "what stupidity will they say today?":  The Rise of the Single, Woke (and Young) Female.

Basically, this entire article boils down to:  "We must return to the days of women being dependent upon men, because otherwise there's too much left-wing thinking in the country". It's kind of stunning in a way because it's so much "telling on themselves". 

For years, I've been hearing complaints that "feminism has gone too far", or some variation of that theme. It mostly comes out of sources associated with religious fundamentalism, but you hear it occasionally "on the street" from politicians - usually the ones that most voters have been smart enough not to elect. 

However, the gist of this particular article is interesting because it wraps several aspects of conservative dogma into one ball and drops it in front of the reader.  They complain that "single women" are a predominant cause of a "leftward shift in politics".  Then they go onto a fairly long tirade about how they think that single women have driven the rise of another conservative bogeyman - identity politics. Which the authors then connect to the "dominance" of feminism in university settings.  Oh - and apparently singles are more demanding of the state, donchaknow? 

Wow. That's quite a bundle of standard conservative grievances to drop on women who aren't getting married at the age of 20 or 16 like in the good old days, huh? 

More seriously, this tells us a great deal of what they are shooting for politically.  They aren't, in any meaningful way, conservative any longer. These people are in fact regressive. They want to return to the days when people that made them uncomfortable - independent women, LGBTQ+ people, and so on had no voice, and were (preferably) politically invisible. 

Currently, in the US, the legislative focus is on erasing transgender people on the basis of a moral panic that the hard right has spent the last several years trying to whip up. I have never believed that this is anything more than the beginning. "Conservative" politicians have made it clear that rolling back rights to the pre-civil rights era is on their agenda. That includes the gains made since 1950 by every marginalized group in society struggling for recognition in law, and may well reach as far as rolling back voting rights for all but the few men who own land outright. 

This isn't about justice, it's about power. 


lungta said...

It is a bit off the rails.
What used to be diagnosable flights from reality are now enshrined and forcibly accommodated by most institutions.
What has been marginalized is logic and reason and meritocracy and society for a few feelings of mostly imaginary origin that given time would wither and disappear.
Problem is it is hip and edgy and profitable and popular to be the latest dog in the manger.
My two bitches are encouraging toxic drug regimes and genital mutilation for infant children and those courageous trans athletes that are no more than men wanting to continue to beat on women and get their penises welcomed in the girls dressing room.
Well those two and the unfortunate need to have a miniscule issue forever get top billing all the time.
We don't care but we get it that it is the most interesting part of your personality and you need to feel special.
It is not about justice or power, it is about what you contribute, what you bring to the table.
Everybody has their rights but not at the expense of others rights.
So your social woes are basically of your own making, adopt a combative demanding entitled posture and yes there will be blow back.
That's the nonsense has sparked the predictable kneejerk response.

MgS said...

Except none of what you have described is what is actually happening ... maybe come back to reality before going on your little tirades, lungta.

PS - future ramblings of unsubstantiated nonsense and hatemongering will be deleted. You want to bring that garbage here, bring receipts to back it up.

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