Friday, January 10, 2014

About That Sound Economy, Stephen

In light of Kim Jong Harper's launch of a propaganda channel, perhaps he'd like to explain how it is that Canada's economy is "doing well" when it is shedding jobs across the board?

Why would unemployment be on the rise?  Isn't Alberta booming?  Oh waitasec ... it isn't.  The oil patch has been laying people off at a fantastic rate throughout 2013.

You see, one of the problems that is emerging here is the intersection of the TFW program, along with Harper's "sell everything in sight" approach to the economy.  More and more, Canadian companies are not owned by Canadians.  With a few exceptions, the largest employers in Canada are in fact now divisions of multinational corporations which are moving production work wherever they can get it done cheaper.

It's time that Canada started focusing on making the economy work for Canadians - not investors in far flung countries.

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