Thursday, November 07, 2013

Rob Ford: Please Get The Help You Need

After watching today's video recording of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and in particular the Press Conference footage, I am saddened to see this unfolding.

The man is so obviously in way over his head.  It appears that he doesn't even remember the events in that video.  Sadly, I don't think he has a clue what is going on here, or why.

He needs help - serious, professional help.  I can't even begin to guess the depth of his issues - I can only hope that those closest to him can intervene and get him out of the spiral of self destruction that he is in.

I feel sorry for Toronto - it is so clear that the Mayor is past the point of being able to function in his job, and that his issues have become the central focus of council attention, rather than being a sideshow distraction.

For the sake of the city, Mr. Ford needs to step aside and seek out help to get his life sorted back out.

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