Monday, November 25, 2013

In Harper's World, Everything Is Partisan

Harper has turned everything into 'partisan advantage' in Ottawa.

When Flaherty "asked" the opposition for "input" into the next budget, the letter was designed as less of a sincere request for input as a partisan attack.

"I will not entertain the traditional 'laundry list' of new spending or subsidy programs typically sent from the opposition," Flaherty writes. 
"Additionally ... I will reject any proposal to impose new taxes on Canadians as recently suggested by the opposition — from increased business taxes to taxes on carbon."
Of course, this is typical of Harper's M.O.  Everything is about scoring "partisan points".  In this case, the Conservatives have used language to imply that the opposition is all about raising taxes and spending "irresponsibly".  (Please see my previous post about how the right-wing politics of the last couple of decades has been used to starve governments of the funds needed to act in the best interests of their citizens).

The Harperites have once again proven that in their Ottawa, collaboration has been replaced by corruption.

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