Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Right ... Who Gave What Orders To Whom

Assuming that the RCMP's story is even partially true, there's still a serious problem here.

Who gave the RCMP members instructions to provide partisan checks on attendees at Conservative party events? I find it more than just a little bit strange that these same kinds of things haven't been happening at other parties' events, just the Conservative's.

Come to that, just what kind of democracy is Harper's party promoting when only the anointed members of the party are allowed into an event? These are election rallies for crying out loud, not party strategy sessions! Why would you throw anybody out that wasn't causing a disturbance? Anybody there is a potential vote.

Frankly, I'm not buying the RCMP's story - there are just too many gaps in the overall picture. Especially when we have Mr. Harper trying to avoid questions that he finds "inconvenient"; and his MPs are trying to dodge engaging in debates.

Boris over at TGB nails it.

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