Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Corrupt, Wilfully Blind, or Both

Given the track record that Bruce Carson has in his life, one has to wonder about what was going on when William Elliott did his background check.

What kind of Prime Minister accepts a man as an advisor who has not one, but multiple convictions for fraud against his name? Come to that, how trustworthy would that man's advice be in the first place? (One conviction, I might let go, but multiple? Really? - that's a pattern)

But looking a little further, we have to ask ourselves another equally prickly question. Why did Elliott sign off on what is obviously such a dubious candidate? Was he being deliberately blind to the shady past? Or was there more to the picture - what was in it for William Elliott? (and it's hardly as if Elliott's performance as RCMP commissioner has been stellar, come to that)

It seems as though every time we turn around these days, there's more signs of corruption and dishonesty in the Conservative ranks - and some of those are disturbingly close the PMO.

Can you trust someone's judgment who keeps hiring convicted criminals as advisors?

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