Monday, February 14, 2011

The Odious One Speaks

... and apparently has been lying to Canadians and Parliament on funding for KAIROS:

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda has admitted that she ordered a document to be altered to deny funding to the church-backed aid group Kairos.

“The 'not' was inserted at my direction,” Ms. Oda said in the House of Commons Monday. “Given the way the document was formatted allowing only for concurrence this was the only way to reflect my decision.”

Wait a second, a few short days ago, Ms. Oda was telling us she didn't know where the not came from, and now she's telling us that she ordered the extra word to be added.

Well, one of these statements is clearly a lie. Let's be abundantly clear about this - a Minister of the Crown is lying to Canadians. Whether she lied at one end of the story or the other doesn't matter - she lied.

The next question that should be asked is just precisely why Ms. Oda denied KAIROS funding when they met all of the published requirements for the funding being requested. My guess is that it boils down to our lovely government exacting "consequences" for KAIROS leadership daring to be openly critical about Israel on various matters.

So...who's next to be punished by this government for daring to speak their minds and happening to end up at odds with whatever the unpublished dogma of the Conservatives is?

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evilscientist said...

Lying... it's the Conservative way...