Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bill C-389: A Few Sane Voices

I'm happy to see a few writers spending the time to point out that Bill C-389 is for the greater good, rather than intrinsically evil, as the twits at "No Apologies" want to insist.

Ms. Lakritz very nicely points out the ridiculous depths that the shrieking right wingnuts have descended to:

It's sad that the level of public discourse has to dip so low when a minority group stands to be offered equal rights.

Bill C-389 is neither an attack on the family nor a danger to any child. The legitimization of gay marriage touched only the lives of gay people. A law that protects transgender people will have no effect on anyone except those who are of a mind to discriminate. The only "danger" it poses is to the attitudes of those who would treat transgender people as unequal to everyone else.

Other supportive columns: here, here and here

Write to your senators, let them know that C-389 deserves to be passed into law.

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