Monday, August 23, 2010

The Slide Continues

We already know that Sun Media's editorial policy is being driven out of the PMO these days.

So it comes as no surprise to this writer to see the overt bigotry and racism lurking in their editorializing on the Tamil refugees. The Con$ have never had a problem with throwing people under the bus for political gain.

But, I was surprised to see that Ezra Levant seems to have been rehired by Quebecor media after being punted a few years ago.

And I see that Levant continues in his usual patterns of writing:

As QMI’s investigative report shows, 71% of Tamil refugees here in Canada think things back in Sri Lanka are good enough that they’ve gone back home for a vacation.

Canadian immigration officials randomly surveyed 50 Tamils already here, who are trying to “sponsor” more people to come over, too. Of those would-be sponsors, 31 are refugees. And 22 of those admit to going back to Sri Lanka.

There's more holes and assumptions written into that statement than I can count. Of those who arrived here as refugees, how many are now Canadian citizens? Of those who went back, how many travelled under Canadian passports?

As for QMI's "investigative report", I find myself wondering about the quality of the data and how much of it is based on questionable inferences such as what Levant so blithely vomits up onto the page.

Each of the people who arrived on that boat have stories, and Canada (in theory) has this funny thing called "due process". They deserve to be heard out before we simply toss them on the next plane back to Sri Lanka.


evilscientist said...

You forget, as far as conservatives go, due process is only for conservatives not anyone else, let alone those dang foreigners....

Niles said...

Dang brown foreigners.

I still think if the ship had been full of pale-skinned Irish illegals seeking to flee the mess of unemployment and blasphemy laws the island is in right now. What with all that 'real IRA' etc.

I mean, if the white fellow from South Africa can claim persecution...

yes, it's all ad hoc anecdote on my part, but would the usual suspects have been so quick to claim icky patoo, or would they be all 'due process you leftard nasties'?

Anonymous said...

Errmm, @ Niles.... WHAT???