Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Facts Don't Matter When It's Ideology

According to Stockwell Day, statistics don't matter.

During a news conference on Tuesday in Ottawa, Day said the government has received indications that more and more people are not reporting crimes committed against them.

"It shows we can’t take a liberal view to crime which is, some would suggest, that it is barely happening at all," Day said. "Still, there are too many situations of criminal activity that are alarming to our citizens, and we intend to deal with that.

Really? There's been a steady decline in the crime rate in Canada for more than a decade - but according to the HarperCon$ it's all because people aren't reporting the crimes. Horsefeathers.

This is nothing more than making up facts to fit current Con$ervative dogma. This is typical of how the HarperCon$ have done things from day one - only more blatant. When the facts and reality don't mesh with your dogma, make up a fiction that does and repeat that as if it is the reality.

We've seen this with the long-form census, with various members of the Con$ervative cabinet ridiculing questions which never existed on the long form in the first place, and now we see Con$ervative ministers lying to the public to justify their unnecessary "get tough on crime" nonsense - a fiction which is going to cost Canadians billions of dollars as more and more people are imprisoned for longer periods of time.

Really, do the Conservatives want to explore why the 'unreported crime rate' is going up on THEIR WATCH?


evilscientist said...

What do you expect from someone who believes the Earth is only ~6000 years old and that humans and dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time. It would seem that Harper, Day and the rest of the Tory elite, not to mention the rank and file, see their ideology as religion and nothing from reality will prevent them from holding those beliefs. Conservatism - for people who can't handle reality....

MgS said...

I won't say I had particularly high expectations from Stockwell - what terrifies me is how blatant the Con$ are becoming in their lies. That suggests that they have something up their sleeve and they don't think it will backfire significantly.