Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Marci McDonald Strikes Back

If you haven't been poking around the rightwingnut-o-sphere, you might be forgiven for having no idea just how over the top some of the reaction to Ms. McDonald's book has been.

She replies to it here:

Nor could I have foreseen that conservative gadfly Ezra Levant would feel obliged to unleash five hyperventilating denunciations, three of them duly reprinted, complete with errors and astonishing lapses of logic, in the National Post.

In one memorable appearance on the CBC's Power & Politics, during which he branded me "a bigot and a freak," he suggested the book was actually a veiled attack on what he termed "uncircumcised penises" -- a comment that seemed to reveal far more about his preoccupations than mine.

... go read the rest, then go read her book!

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Anonymous said...

Marci McDonald's book is an absolute must read. Very well written.

Canada is well on its' way to being screwed by the nasty 'christian' base of the Theo-Con party. If Harper should get a majority in the next election, he'll drag Canada back to the social conventions of the 1400's. (with him ruling by divine right)