Thursday, June 10, 2010

Extemporaneous Ranting

I was listening to the radio this morning and one of the commentators said something to the effect of "the Liberals are baffled by the lack of traction they are getting in the polls".

The answer to this is simple - now is not the time to play "nice" - with either Layton or Harper. (Ignore Layton for now!) Harper is your adversary - he's not just the incumbent PM, he's the enemy. Whether it's in the House of Commons, or not, call him out on everything.

Catch his ministers lying to Canadians, and call them on it. Loudly and publicly. When Jason Kenney lies use a nice broad brush and tar the entire lot of them with his words.

When Harper stands up and calls spending a Billion Dollars of taxpayer money on a fake lake and "security" for the G8, call him a wastrel ... and repeat it.

When Harper sidelines a good minister like Ablonczy because she did something that offended "the base", call him a bigot. When he continues to promote females based on their looks rather than their brains, call him a misogynist. Do it, and do it often - where the public will hear it.

Every time one of his ministers opens their mouth, ask them if the PMO has approved their words in advance. When a bill comes before the house, broadcast its faults to the public - I don't care if you are going to let it pass for other reasons, but publicize every flaw as an example of a government that just doesn't get it.

It's time to go on the attack - and stay there. It's not about what you would do right now, it has to be about what's wrong with the current government. You're going to hammer a lot of nails - and sometimes your going to bruise your thumb - that's the nature of politics in Canada today - deal with it.


VĂ©ronique said...

Good rant! Now maybe you should send it to Michael Ignatieff.

Anonymous said...

yoo hoo.... Hey Iggy, here's a blueprint to help defeat harper.

Very nicely put together rant.