Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More From Canada's Most Unaccountable Government

Would anyone care to explain how a government that ran on a platform of greater accountability and transparency can justify the measures embedded in the budget implementation Bill C-9:

Bill C-9 contains sweeping measures that would affect Canada’s nuclear policies, pension rules, environmental assessments and mail service. Critics say it amounts to an abuse of traditional budget practices because it is crammed with legal changes that have faced little, if any, debate.

Mr. Murray, who specializes in reviewing government spending reports, said his analysis shows that at least half of the bill’s 24 main sections should be pulled out and studied as stand-alone legislation.

“It’s time to call a halt,” said Mr. Murray, who will review the bill as a member of the Senate finance committee. “No self-respecting or Parliament-respecting MP or senator should allow C-9 to go through as is.”

When Canada's government is passing legislation to take powers for itself and removes any kind of accountability for itself, it's time to remove that government from power.

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