Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jason Kenney - Selective Memory or Bad Liar?

Can we ever take anything that comes out from Harper's disciples?

The upshot - "Oh, it's just fine to hide political staffers from committees. We never called on them when _I_ was in the Opposition" contrasted with reality - namely some video of Jason Kenney whining about political staffers who have not yet appeared before a committee.

Here's a little newsflash for the HarperCon$ - if you hire people to work on your behalf on Parliament Hill, then those people ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO PARLIAMENT TOO.

H/T: Canadian Cynic


Anonymous said...

Jason Kenney is a all other Harper Cons.

Call them out on it.....


Anonymous said...

Craig Chandler would have made a much better MP than Jason Kenney.

MgS said...

That's a pretty low bar to jump over.