Monday, November 16, 2009

Watch Out ... It'll Gum Ya To Death

Calgary's city council decided to tackle the bugbear of pesticide use in the city. Perhaps to nobody's surprise they blinked, so the proposed bylaw will merely make recommendations.

Council voted Monday to direct staff to develop a pesticide control bylaw. But in an 8-7 vote, they rejected the idea of including a timeline for ending pesticide use in this city.

This particular excuse is just infuriating though:

"What about golf courses?" asked Mar. "What do people have the right to do on their own property? This is something that concerns me and concerned a lot of the other people that I've spoken with in council and administration and most importantly, how is this enforceable?”

Yes, John, it's so important that your golf courses have perfectly manicured, dandelion free greens ... for those in this city who can afford to play golf at least. Perhaps, instead of soaking the ground with poisons, we could do something innovative - like actually dig out the dandelions.

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