Monday, October 19, 2009

Well... Perhaps That Explains The Weather

Someone at the Calgary Herald actually a story criticizing the HarperCon$:

The picture was of grinning Nova Scotia MP Gerald Keddy, handing a constituent an oversized cheque for a local ice rink, emblazoned with the Conservative Party logo. The giant prop cheque was even signed by the Nova Scotia MP, making it look like the $302,620 gift was courtesy of the Conservative Party, bankrolled by Keddy when in fact it was a federal stimulus grant.

This is an abuse of taxpayer dollars for partisan purposes and personal gain and raises concerns about how the program is being administered and if the government grants are being awarded disproportionately more to Conservative ridings.

... and points out:

As it is, the Conservative government is spending millions in public money blitzing the airwaves, spending five times as many dollars promoting its economic plan than raising public awareness about the flu pandemic.

Considering that this is Calgary - about the safest place in Canada for Harper, that's a stinging rebuke.

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