Thursday, October 01, 2009

Something Doesn't Add Up Here

So ... the Alberta Government is running in the red, with a cash flow problem. So ... they need to cut services - right?

Or perhaps they might start with cutting the bonuses and other unnecessary expenditures?

(as an aside: The 44 million spent on bonuses is enough to fund GRS for the next 60 odd years)

Alberta's Conservatives have lost sight of their responsibilities and priorities where the people of Alberta are concerned.


Anonymous said...

These continuing revelations of the gross mismanagement of government programmes and funds have me next to tears.

The only hope I have these days is that the Wildrose Alliance gets popular enough to split the vote on the right. I have little faith in the ability of Libs or NDP to actually govern but I think the shame of the Stelmach Gilded Age would guide government actions for a while... and that cannot be a bad thing.

MgS said...

Until I'm convinced that the WRA Party isn't controlled by the reactionary conservatism driving the Reform/Alliance/Conservative party on the federal scene, I'm not sure I'd want them anywhere near the levers of power.

Stelmach's awful, but give the reactionary conservatives out of Alberta control, and things would get worse - very very quickly.

Anonymous said...

What about all of the reactionary conservatives in Stelmach's caucus?

MgS said...

@Anonymous: Don't think for a moment that I have any use for most of Stelmach's government either.