Monday, December 12, 2005

It's GaffeWatch Time!

I don't believe this election. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the sheer volume of verbal stupidity being spewed forth by candidates and their assistants.

Liberals: Beer-and-popcorn Scott Reid A statement of gross stupidity, but he almost has a point - namely that handing out $1200/child to families each year with no follow-up test to ensure that the money is used for that purpose strikes me as a monumental waste of taxpayer dollars that only those inspired by the "brilliance" of Ralph Klein could possibly dream up.

If Martin was smart, he'd publicly fire Reid - soon - before things really get going in this election. The man could do more damage to Martin than Ralph Klein has done to Harper.


Where to start?

Within the first 24 hours of the writ being dropped, Stephen Harper tries to resurrect the gay marriage debate.

We've had both Jason Kenney and Rob Anders open their mouths publicly this election. (And that's ignoring the stupidities of both men in past elections and houses of parliament)

Then, Conservative MP Brian Pallister opened his mouth and demonstrated his attitude towards women quite nicely. Ignoramus.

This morning, I tripped over this little gem from B.C. It seems that in Paul Forseth's world, all of the ills afflicting this country (which in the midst of an economic boom are what again?) are a function of legalizing same gender marriage.

Now - can someone actually give me a reason to believe that lurking just under Stephen Harper's immobile hair (is the Conservative Campaign bus hauling around a 45 Gal. drum of the stuff???) is something other than a raging TheoCon? That the party has actually moderated its internal factions?

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Anonymous said...

If the evidence of my Brother's family is anything to go by, Scott Reid is absolutely right. He's still a doofus who needs to watch his mouth when the media is nearby though.