Friday, December 09, 2005

It Appears That We Got BushCo's Attention

The White House if "Furious" Over Martin's Comments At Climate Conference.

So...let's see if I have all of this half straight. The insular thinking in White House goes like this:

"We don't have to listen to the world on matters of peace. Diplomacy is best done with a big gun." ... "If you don't agree with us, we can ignore you".

"On trade issues, we can lose every court case and we'll still ignore you"

"Jean who?" followed by "Paul who?" (even though Canada is their biggest trade partner...

However, apparently criticizing the US at a conference on a climate protocol (that Bush has rejected) is cause for them to sit up and take notice. Apparently Martin's comments are "not being helpful". Yeah, whatever. When you start actually living up to the agreements you've signed, Canadians might take notice. (anyone else remember a certain $5 billion in illegally collected duties on softwood lumber?)

Although the current administration is far too dense to grasp the concept, once the United States quits conduction itself on the world stage like a bunch of complete goons, the world might just lay off criticizing them at every turn.

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