Monday, October 24, 2005

Now I've Heard It All

I'm an avid reader - and I've read more than my share of scifi/fantasy literature over the years. (My current novel-du-jour is Margaret George's "Mary, called Magdalene")

When I read Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale", I thought of the fictional "Republic of Gilead" as a slightly disturbing metaphor for religious fundamentalism gone awry. For all that I've wondered aloud about the United States being on the road to becoming a literal realization of that dystopia, I never thought I'd encounter a group actually trying to bring it about. Apparently, an organization called "Christian Exodus" has emerged in the United States with the explicit intent of taking South Carolina out of the Union if they cannot achieve a certain degree of change.

After spending a bit of time roaming about their website, I can only surmise that this is the work of a bunch of loons. Determined loons, but loons nontheless.

These are more of the same people who need to go and read a bit of Bishop John Shelby Spong's works about Christian theology. The sheer vileness of the vitriol that I see coming forth from these neo-fundamentalists is revolting. Where is the "forgiveness" that scripture speaks of? (Oh yes, I forgot - it's conditional - on seeing the world through their perverted perspective - you know the same one that says that women are inferior to men; anyone who is "foreign" is inferior etc.)



Anonymous said...

Hmm.... Do you think we can convince them that a small island is their "ideal" homeworld, and then engineer some creative way of sinking the island? I think it would make the average IQ of South Carolina jump by at least 20 points.


Ok then... How about if I book an ad on their website? They DO sell advertising, and - golly gee, by the looks of it they don't actually have control over WHAT is advertised on their site as it IS sold by a third party. Hmmm.... Any evil suggestions?

Lori said...

This makes me think of a guy that I see around campus (University of Georgia) every now and then. You would think he would be trying to win converts, but what he's trying to do is scare the hell out of everybody. He even has a website (, which I looked up one day after he raised his voice to proclaim that a guy who was talking to him would "BURN IN HELL!!!"

Maybe someone should send him info on the Christian exodus. I think I'd like him to move away. (Although South Carolina is not very far away.)