Sunday, October 23, 2005

Contrary to the Propaganda

Iraq remains a war zone. In spite of ongoing attempts to install a new government, it's pretty clear that the "on the street" opinion is that Iraq is still a nation under foreign occupation.

I find this an interesting event for a couple of reasons. First, the attack took place nearly a month ago. We're just hearing about it now? Why? Probably because the propaganda machine wanted to keep it "quiet" in the run up to the constitutional referendum in Iraq.

Second, it's a reminder that in spite of the fact that "major military" operations in Iraq have "ended", there are clearly those in Iraq who see things quite differently. Although "major operations" are over, it appears that US forces still have their hands rather full.

Apparently, the Bush/Blair duo are still oblivious to the fact that they have yet to finish the job in Iraq, since they are once again rattling their collective sabres at other countries.

I can't believe that they are this stupid. I don't know what the status of Britain's economy is, but the American economy is playing in some amazingly dangerous spaces. A third war, whether in Iran or Syria would likely break the back of the US economy as the Bush Administration finds it more and more expensive to borrow to finance their ego stroking exercises in the Middle East.

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