Monday, March 17, 2014

Stealing Democracy Part X: How Far Does The Rot Go?

There is no doubt any more that Bill C-23 is deliberately designed to enable the CPC (or other political parties) to engage in the kind of electoral fraud that the CPC has attempted, and been caught out at repeatedly in the past.  Worse, it goes so far as to politicize the staffing of voting stations.  None of this can end well.

Consider the following list of malfeasance on the part of the CPC since 2006:

  1. The "In and Out" Fundraising Scheme (Money Laundering Fraud) 2006
  2. Dean del Mastro is facing charges relating to campaign spending in 2008
  3. Peter Penashue forced to resign over campaign spending issues in 2011
  4. Robocalls in 2011 (direct voter suppression)
  5. Appointment of Mike Duffy to the Senate
  6. Appointment of Pamela Wallin to the Senate
  7. Appointment of Patrick Brazeau to the Senate
  8. Bruce Carson - appointed to be an advisor to Stephen Harper in the PMO - facing criminal fraud charges.
  9. Bill C-23 an act designed to undermine our elections system.
  10. Bill C-24 which is designed to politicize immigration to an even greater degree, and can be used in conjunction with C-23 for voter suppression.
  11. Massive government spending on propaganda campaigns at taxpayer expense.  (Economic Action Plan ads, Canada Job Grant ads, etc)
There's no doubt quite a bit more that has escaped my notice.  

In today's news, we have another addition to the list - Hubert Pichet, policy advisor to Conservative Senators, has been charged with fraud as a result of the RCMP investigation into the Senate.  

We have to ask ourselves how pervasive is the rot in Harper's government?  At the highest levels, appointees to very senior positions are being charged with fraud and other criminal activities.  This is a government that is unique in Canada's history.  Not only is it clearly corrupt, but it is passing laws designed to entrench its particular brand of corruption into our politics for the foreseeable future.

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the salamander said...

.. yes, there's a lot that has escaped your notice..

Better said.. it takes patience and serious effort to list all the malfeasance, obstruction & deceits driven by Stephen Harper 'values'

This is no longer 'our' government..
It is now Stephen Harper's government

The rot is deep & enabled by cowards, partisan entitled thugs too often perceived as pillars of our Canadian communities

Under inspection, Flaherty, MacKay, Baird, Gail Shea, Peter Kent, Tony Clement, Joe Oliver, Leona Aglukkaq, Butts, Del Mastro, Ray Novak, Tom Flanagan, Bruce Carson and so on ad infinitum are revealed for what they are.. the thin toxic minestrone chosen and promoted by Stephen Harper to 'manage' and enact his sandbox ideologies.