Friday, December 13, 2013

But...But...The Libruls!

Expect to hear a lot more of that refrain in the coming months now that the RCMP has decided to lay charges a decade after the Gomery Inquiry ended.

I find the timing of this a little suspicious.  These charges come as Harper starts gearing up for an election anticipated sometime in 2015-2016, and at a time when the rot that pervades the CPC has become so incredibly obvious to Canadians.

Given the amount of evidence available in 2006, charges should have been laid back then.  It seems highly improbable that the RCMP couldn't come up with enough evidence back then.

Do the math - this is a political distraction calculated to divert attention from the malfeasance of Harper, the PMO and their gang of thugs.


Ryan Spinney said...

Of course it is, but whose fault is it that the Tories have the material to do so? The Liberal Party. Two peas in a pod when it comes to ethics.

MgS said...

I think you have overlooked a few things:

1. It was the Liberals who initiated the Gomery Inquiry.

2. After a decade, you're going to tell me that the Liberals today are the same party they were in the latter years of Chretien? We know damn good and well that the Harper Con$ aren't the same party that Brian Mulroney led.

3. This is a deflection tactic on the part of a Harper government that has been beset by its own corruption - going right to the top - and has been trying desperately to deny that any of those things happened. To the extent of outright lying in the HoC about it and being proven to be lying at every turn.

In short - Harper and his goons need to be held accountable for _THEIR_ACTIONS_. This constant, childlike "but the Libruls did it" is BS - especially after this many years in office.

Ryan Spinney said...

You 1. changes nothing.

Your point 2. Yes its the same corrupt Liberal party, lots of the same currupt Libs behind the scenes, Justin "I don't need to got to work" Trudeau is window dressing for the old guard, especially the Martinites and those whose served Dalton.

As to your third point I absolutely agreed, Harper is using it as a distraction. He's tried that with other things, the difference is this is big enough and serious enough to succeed in at least partly deflection attention from the Tories.

But as a New Democract corruption is what I expect from the two old school parties.

MgS said...


1) Seems to me that there is quite a difference - and it speaks enormously to the character of a party when it tries to cover things up with lies, lies and more lies.

2) Based on what evidence do you make the claim that the Liberal Party is dominated by the Martin and Dalton backers?

3) The NDP has never been in power Federally, so we really don't know how it will go. Provincially, there have been a few NDP gov'ts, and they have ranged from reasonably competent to odiously corrupt (esp. in BC). Based on that, why should I expect any different of the NDP?

4) Keep your attention on the target - and it isn't the Liberals right now.