Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Developer Witch Hunt Proceeds

Wow ... if you are considering voting for a candidate who is being backed by the Developers in this city, ask yourself if this is the kind of backroom politics you want to support:

Global News has learned there was an organized effort by some developers to track down who was behind a secretly taped video earlier this year.
In it, the founder of Shane Homes outlines a plan to try and control city council. Cal Wenzel later denied that he was trying to buy votes, but defended his right to organize support for pro-development candidates.

It contains the following gem:

The CEO of the Urban Development Institute – speaking on behalf of Westman and Wenzel – denies any threats were made.“Those guys were in a room where they felt they were having a conversation, and then something like that happened,” explains Guy Huntingford. “They were trying to figure out who was there, so they could get some more communication back to them.” 
This is ugly in the worst way possible.  When you vote, please make sure it's an informed vote.  

From the memo to the staff of one developer urging them to vote a particular way, here's the list of Developer-sanctioned candidates:

If this is anything, it is a revealing of the whispered "Builder's Slate" - the candidates that the builders are endorsing for Calgary City Council.

The list of candidates implicitly endorsed in this builder's memo:

Ward 1:  Chris Harper
Ward 2:  Joe Magliocca
Ward 3:  Jim Stevenson
Ward 4:  Sean Chu
Ward 5:  Ray Jones
Ward 6:  Joe Connelly
Ward 7:  Kevin Taylor
Ward 8:  
Ward 9:  Richard Wilkie
Ward 10: Andre Chabot
Ward 11:  James Maxim
Ward 12:  Shane Keating
Ward 13:  Diane Colley-Urquhart
Ward 14:  Peter Demong

Mayor:  Jon Lord

I know how I will be voting now ... and the names _aren't_ on that list.

Wenzel's comments in November were clear enough in my opinion.  The attempt to find who leaked the video, and the "communication back" contains an implicit threat that I find even less acceptable than Wenzel's obvious desire to control council for his own self-interest.  

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