Monday, October 04, 2010

Scare 'Em Into Electing You

The latest in the ongoing manipulation machine that is the CPoC comes in the form of the latest utterances from Vic Toews.

“We are very concerned about the radicalization of Canadian youth and then becoming not only radicalized but then going to fight jihad, becoming militarily trained and then of course coming back to Canada,” Mr. Toews told a news conference on Sunday.

“I want to stress, again, that it's so very important that we have co-operation from the groups where these individuals are coming out of so that our security authorities can better assess the situation and protect Canadians.”

Not only do we get a lovely little dose of implicit racial profiling and bigotry, but we are also treated to a delightful view of how the HarperCon$ will use anything they can think of to garner votes. Having failed utterly to persuade Canadians that they are good government, they turn once more to the politics of fear mongering - and hey, if it happens to involve visible minorities, that's just icing on the cake, isn't it?

... and as we've seen all along, the when the facts don't match their ideology, they just lie to Canadians.

How anyone can vote for that bunch with a clear conscience is beyond me.

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